Why you need to know the wake up times of your readers?

What that got to do with social media you may ask? Lets checkout some data...

Wake Up Times

Most of us are awake before 6:30am (53%) and almost everyone is awake by 7:30am (79%) and lucky few who get to sleep in are under (21%). Next lets' see the how often we check our phones during a day. 

How often do Americans check their smartphones?

Majority of the US population checks the phone before 7:30 am! Wait a minute, what do they do when they pick up the phone first thing in the morning. 

The first app you open

Checking mail and social media apps are tied! Were you surprised? So what does all this data mean for you as a blogger? Setup your posts on or before 7:30am! Don't worry there are 2 social media scheduling services that makes you life easier.  Here are few #TwiirlyBloggers like

Top 2 Social Media Management Tools used by Bloggers

1. Hootsuite

The no 1 reason we like Hootsuite is we can schedule content for the following social accounts in one place.

  • Twitter profiles.
  • Facebook profiles, Pages and groups.
  • Google+ Pages and profiles.
  • LinkedIn profiles and companies.
  • WordPress blogs.
  • Instagram profiles.
  • YouTube channels.

Also they have a Free plan where you can connect 3 social media accounts.

2.  Buffer

It's a simpler and easier way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place. Here is a good comparison of their plans.

So there you have it, all the data points to one simple conclusion. Setup your alarm (or use a social medial scheduling tool ) and start posting before 7:30am.