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Founder and Lead Marketing Consultant Val Decena brings a keen eye, industry contacts, and insider knowledge to her influencer marketing and visual content strategy. 

Her education (MBA in Marketing), years of entrepreneurial experience and a background working in each industry has given her the edge needed to solve the problems you face in your business. Learn more about our services that will elevate and grow your brand here!

Hello all,

I am so glad to also answer 13 questions that will help you learn more about me and how to connect with me on Twiirly! I am not your traditional blogger that you may follow or aspire to be, but I once was. Before starting my business, I was a lifestyle blogger at The Powder Room that evolved into a boutique marketing agency, LOOKLIVELUXE. I do still blog, but for the purposes of helping other bloggers and small business owners add luxe to their business and lifestyle. So read on to learn a little bit about me, the blog and how this path lead me to this awesome app.


1. How did you get started with blogging?

I started like most who wanted an outlet or somewhere to channel their creative side. I created a lifestyle blog on my downtime at work called The Powder Room on Blogger (the easier blogging platform before transitioning to Wordpress). I wrote about love, life and everything in between then...I can't even imagine going back to read those posts, lol. I actually started a total of 2 blogs before creating content on The LUXE Blog.


 2. How did you come up with LOOKLIVELUXE?

I was in healthcare and wanted to explore my other passions such as fashion styling and marketing. It was V. LUXE Image Consulting and in my email signature I would add LOOK. LIVE. LUXE! And voila! LOOKLIVELUXE was born with lifestyle consulting and marketing services. Now my signature is "cheers!" 


3. What made you go into marketing after a career in nursing?

At the time, I was definitely encouraged to stay in the medical field by my parents, as they all are or were in. A profession that that would earn me a decent living and always be needed. However, I had a lot of things transpire during my 5-6 years of nursing that left me burnt out and emotionally/mentally drained. I decided that advertising/marketing (which I always wanted to do from the get go) was where it was at and I wanted to pursue it. I started from medical marketing and it evolved into what I do now. 


4. What's your favorite platform to promote your blog or your business? 

I'd have to say that Instagram is most definitely my social media platform of choice. I can curate and inspire as well as educate my followers with a visual story. There are so many tools to help create an aesthetically pleasing feed.


5. How do you keep a work/life balance?

I really don't have a work life balance as much as I'd like to. I constantly think of things for work, a client or a project. This is especially due to my boyfriend and I having the opportunity to work remotely and travel as we please. Therefore, I take work with me, but I do create a plan and schedule to keep things streamlined. 


6. You love to travel, where have you been so far? 

I have been to a few states in the US and many countries in the Caribbean like Dominican Republic (where my family is from), Puerto Rico, Mexico, Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, and St. Martin.


7. Where would you like to go for your next trip?

I have never been to Europe so that's where I aim to go in my next travels. Also, I have never been to Cali and I'd love to check it out! 


8. What is your sense of style?

Anything LUXE (which can also be totally affordable)! But seriously, it all depends on my mood and for the most part I consider my style to be chic with a bit of edge (I especially enjoy leopard print). I am typically drawn to black, white and gold with touches of pink. Sometimes I only like black and there are times that I enjoy vibrant colors. Much like my Instagram feed, which I consider my mood board. 


9. Where do you find inspiration?

I get inspiration from everywhere. It could be on a spread of a magazine, an Instagram feed, Pinterest or on my travels. Inspiration is everywhere! 


10. What are you currently reading?

Anything that helps me become a better internet marketer. There's not exactly one specific book. Though, I do peruse a lot of articles online and do research certain topics to better educate my clients or my team on trending or best practices in marketing (specifically, social media marketing and influencer marketing.)


11. Martinis or champagne?

Champagne is a great prop for toasting, because everyday should be a celebration. However, I love lychee martinis more and sometimes treat myself to it after a week of accomplishments, but I actually don't drink that often as many people would assume from social media. It's kind of like my signature, but I do strongly advise people to drink (toast) responsibly! 


12. Snapchat or Instastories?

I love Snapchat, but to avoid going in and out of my fave app Instagram, I like to keep it native and use Instastories. Unless there's a cute filter that I want to use and it's only avail on Snapchat.


13. How do you twiirl?

Currently, I'm twiirling everywhere! You most likely will catch me at one of my fave cafe shops or restaurants where we can share a virtual latte, a martini or champagne! 

As of right now, I'm giving away 3 slots so that I can share more about myself, tips and to also get to know you! Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and are crafting more questions, as I'd love to answer any of your questions and help you with your endeavors or just simply chat! 



Val Decena
Marketing Consultant

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