Have Y’all Heard Of Twiirly? It’s One Of The Coolest Apps Out There To Connect With Your Fave Bloggers @thevioletfog

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Okay guys. JUST when I tell myself NO MORE APPS… I learn about one that absolutely changes the game because it incorporates REAL LIFE CONNECTIONS and not just connecting online through reading, likes, comments, etc.

Twiirly is an app that connects you to your favorite bloggers, whether you want styling advice or wisdom on blogging from those who have been doing it for a long time. In a paid scheduled session (there are multiple, cool ass successful bloggers on the platform) you can talk with them for 15 minutes and literally ask WHATEVER you want.

PERSONAL advice. Get info straight from the source. Instead of having to dig deep through social profiles and blogs for specific questions you may have.

Let me tell you something… the Twiirly community is truly awesome. The girls are all so fun and everyone just wants to see everyone succeed– including those who use the app looking for advice! It’s a way we can help and make a personal business as well from all the growth/info/experience/trial and errors we’ve learned as content creators. We get to share all that with you!

Or you know, just give you style advice! Whatever you please.


Personally, my favorite Twiirly sessions are the ones where I can help girls out with their blogs and also girls who want to talk to me about skincare or mental health– two things I’m very passionate about. I love talking fashion too- but blogging, skincare, and mental health are my top three and what I believe I can help with most. 😉

This is Doreen by the way. She created the app and she is sensational. Smart, savvy, beautiful inside and out and truly committed to creating the most welcoming and helpful community.

I’m giving away THREE free sessions on Twiirly (Download the app here– and you can search me, @TheVioletFog.)

To Win: Simply comment below what you’d like to TWIIRL (aka talk about) with me! That’s it! You can also comment on my latest instagram. The Twiirly video. 🙂

I so look forward to connecting to more of you guys on a personal level and love that I’ve discovered an app that really does a service to girl world and making it easier to help each other out.

Here’s my Twiirly video! I was so nervous LOL.

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